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Cicada Music School is located in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. In-person lessons have resumed on Tuesdays only, and virtual Zoom lessons are available to both local and non-local students on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Our mission is to cultivate lifelong musicians who are able to use music as a tool for creativity and expression. Our goal is not to create concert pianists, but to help students build a solid and comprehensive foundation in music through the use of the piano, so that they can pursue any musical path with confidence. Every student will receive personalized instruction based around their own interests, which may include music theory, note-reading, ear training, improvisation, and composition/songwriting. If you’re not totally sure what to look for in a piano teacher, I recommend watching this video to start! 

Cicada Music School strives to provide an inclusive learning environment for all students, including IBPOC and LGBTQIA+ students. We work closely with caregivers of students with physical and developmental disabilities to best accommodate to their learning needs. Limited discounted lessons are available to children in foster care, and low income families. 


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About Aura

I am a Classically-trained pianist with a B.A. in Music from the University of California, Santa Cruz… who loves teaching students who have no intention of going down the same musical path that I did. I’ve been teaching music and piano to students of all ages in the Seattle area since 2009, and passionately believe that music lessons are for everybody. I think that anybody can learn to use music as a therapeutic outlet, and a medium for creativity. Check out this podcast interview to learn more about my musical background and teaching philosophies. Thank you for visiting, and feel free to contact me here with any questions you may have.