“Ichigo Ichie represents a complex and gratifying statement of her musical and lyric creativity. Aura incorporates ingredients from pop, jazz, electronic, and traditional folk music so seamlessly that the end product is a distinctive compositional style that complements and builds upon its influences while still feeling natural and familiar. In Ichigo Ichie, her voice has found great power, her arrangements have strength alongside delicacy, and her songwriting is an expansive mixture of the fantastic and everyday.  I particularly liked the kinetic build-up and development in ‘Synapse’ and the candid emotional content of ‘If You Love Me”. Both songs tell their story in a distinct sonic landscape but each carry wonderful exploratory elements as well as hard hitting, powerful repeated lyric themes that hook into the listener. You’ll find yourself repeating the lines to yourself hours later and trying to remember how it all fit together.  Curious listeners shouldn’t hesitate to delve into Aura’s Ichigo Ichie – they’ll find an artist with a cohesive vision for what her music should be, vocal and instrumental chops to elevate her ideas to a beautifully refined standard, and an adventurous flair for incorporating uncommon ingredients (like the Japanese Koto) into diverse song structures. Switch on the Hi-FI. Plug in the headphones. Give this album the time and space it deserves.”  — Fan Review